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Dr Mbali 0710665300 Abortion clinics In Newcastle, women’s clinics in Newcastle provides a range of approved abortion services up to 24 weeks pregnancy(s) medical abortion , aspiration and surgical procedure at affordable costs.

Dr Mbali abortion clinics In Newcastle have national reputation providing highest quality abortion service | abortion procedures at low prices in a safe , private and caring environment . kindness , courtesy and respect .
we offer different abortion methods to terminate 1 to 24 weeks  of unplanned pregnancy(s).
 These  methods include the medical abortion | abortion pills ( cytotec ,mifeprestone ) , aspiration procedure  

They are designed to naturally release a woman’s pregnancy tissue in a gentle and safe way, which does not cause damage.
With the Aspiration Procedure your Board Certified OB/GYN will apply a gentle amount of pressure that results in the natural release and termination of pregnancy tissue.
we also offer surgical abortion this is an operation in a clinic to remove the fetus . you can have a surgical abortion up until 24weeks of pregnancy.

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Medical Abortion | Abortion Performed by pills

Step One: cytotec blocks the hormone progesterone . Without progesterone the lining of the uterus breaks down ending the pregnancy.
   Step Two: ru-486 makes the uterus contract and empty causing a termination or miscarriage.
     How long does the abortion  medication procedure take?
    Some women (2-5%) may begin to bleed after using it in the medical rooms . Even so you must use it as instructed.
Most women find it stressful or emotionally difficult to be in medical offices and wish to complete the process in the comfort of their homes.

How Effective Is Medical Abortion

Dr Mbali Abortion clinics In Newcastle offers are approximately 98% effective. 
the abortion medication will terminate the pregnancy (s) with no side effects  at a very low cost . medical abortion costs . abortion pills prices . 

aspiration procedure 

Although the number of women in the South Africa are choosing abortion by pills increasing each year, aspiration abortion is currently the most common method used for abortions during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In 2010, about 72% of all second trimester abortions were aspiration abortions.

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Our main goal is to provide private and compassionate abortion services . We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care at affordable price for women in NEED of abortion around Southern Africa

We deliver  abortion medication around Kwazulu-Natal,South Africa

 We deliver abortion medication to those who want to have the self medicate option at home or a place of their choice  , avoid queues ,parking problems we deliver to places around  Southern Africa . get the abortion pills (medical abortion)from your nearest post office or it can be delivered to any delivery point nationwide including office , homes or your holiday destination within hours

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion Pills

Abortion pill is a medication combination of tablets used to terminate an early pregnancy.

It can be had at home and takes about 10 to 14 hours to end pregnancy.

Medical procedure grants complete privacy, and costs lesser than surgery.

All the products are safe and efficient at our website.

We dispense only FDA approved drugs, and quality check each before shipping. Our website procures medications from renowned manufacturers.

You are assured of wellbeing. The Pills have no long-lasting ill effects.

Women between 1 and 20 weeks pregnant, females 18 year old or above can take abortion pill.


Every product on the website is efficient to terminate pregnancy.

We normally ship the products within few minutes (express and overnight shipping) or after 24 hours from the booking confirmation. It takes around 12 to 15 business days to reach the items to the customer in special kit age.

We use discreet kiting material for all the products.

When the item is delivered to doorstep, no one can make out it contains abortion pills or medicines, nor are the medicines damaged.

Our website promises tough discreet kit age, retaining the medication quality.

Your bank statement will not reflect any detail of the website. You can buy without any worries. We will upkeep your privacy.

A woman comes to know the abortion is done when side effects cease, and bleeding /cramps reduce. But, for final confirmation, you need to see a doctor after 14 days of the regimen for a blood pregnancy test or ultrasound. These tests clarify if pregnancy is terminated or not.

There are no problems after a successful medical abortion. It is untrue that abortion pill causes risks to future pregnancy, birth defects, breast cancer, or any other health issues.

We email you a receipt of the order and tracking code to your registered email address. Use the code for tracking the order. If any queries, then get in touch with our customer care.

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